Moisture Remediation

Allowing excessive moisture to go without correction in your crawlspace or around your home or business can create an environment which is conducive to all pests and most importantly termites, wood-boring beetles and wood-destroying fungi. These pests can destroy your belongings, merchandise, and the structure of your home. Excess moisture can also lead to serious health issues from the mold spores which will thrive in such an environment. Insects such as termites need moisture to live, excess moisture is a welcome mat to such pests attracting them to your home. Russ Pest Control uses the latest technology to eliminate excessive moisture creating these issues. We will custom tailor a moisture management plan that fits your specific needs. Give us a call today so you may have a healthier tomorrow.

To get address excessive moisture conditions in or around your home or business or to get more information on the wide variety of pest control solutions that Russ Pest Control has to offer, please call us at (252) 746-8098. You can also schedule a moisture remediation evaluation by filling out our Request For Service form. Or you can reach us through our Contact Us form for any moisture questions that you may have.