Friday, November 27, 2020
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Services Commercial Pest Control Services

Commercial Pest Control Services

Pest Problems in your business can cause you to lose business. Those pests can affect your customers too. Our staff of highly trained pest control technicians will identify the pestissue and develop a program that will effectively eradicate it.

From office buildings, hotels, restaurants, and retail stores, Russ Pest Control can provide you with the best pest control services available. We utilize the latest pest control technologies and will design a tailored program for your business which is safe and effective.

Here Are Some of the Commercial Pest Control Services Offered by Russ Pest Control 

Pest Control – We take commercial pest control very seriously. Having pests inside of your business will affect your business. Our pest control technicians will inspect and determine the best solution to the pest control problem that you have.

Termite Control – Termites are one of the most destructive pests there is. They can do major damage to your business before you realize it. The Russ Pest Control technicians are trained to locate hidden termite infestations and develop programs to eliminate them by using the most effective treatments available.

Rodent Control – The best way to lose business is to have rodents running around your business. Russ Pest Control uses professional traps and baits designed to effectively remove any rodent problem. Plus we can develop an ongoing maintenance program to prevent their return.

Moisture Remediation – Did you know that excessive moisture in and around your business can cause serious issues such as attracting wood destroying insects and fungi? Moisture attracts pests and allows fungi to grow on wood causing wood rot. Moisture can also damage merchandise. Termites need moisture to live, as do most insects. Allowing excessive moisture to exist can create an environment which is conducive to termites, wood-boring beetles and wood destroying fungi. Russ Pest Control uses the latest technology to stop moisture from causing these issues.

IPM – Most pests that come into a business come in from the outside or are carried in on merchandise. Russ Pest Control is well aware of this and has developed a Business Integrated Pest Management Program that effectively prevents pest from entering your business. Our pest control technicians tailor a solution that is perfect for your business.

To get rid of commercial pests today or to get more information on the variety of pest control programs that Russ Pest Control has to offer, please call us at (252) 746-8098. You can also schedule a commercial pest control evaluation by filling out our Request For Service form. Or you can reach us through our Contact Us with any commercial pest control questions that you may have.