Friday, November 27, 2020
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Pest Control


Pest Control involves eliminating and/or controlling undesirable insects and animals. These pests include rats, mice, and other rodents as well as cockroaches, spiders, bedbugs, ants, fleas, bees, and wasps. We sometimes are asked to also rid buildings of nuisance birds or snakes. 

Pests can damage your belongings, merchandise, and home/business. They carry hundreds of different types of diseases.

Our aim is to always use the most effective and safest means to accomplish your needs and to take the time to help you to keep the issue from reoccurring.

Call us to schedule an inspection. We provide services to private homes, businesses, and institutions.

Termite Control


Termites are wood-destroying insects. Their presence dates back to the dinosaurs. While they play an important role in nature, experts estimate they cause $5 billion of property damage each year. Termites work 24 hours/7 days a week at damaging the wood in and around a structure. They swarm in the early spring, depending on their geographical location.

We will tailor your termite program to fit your needs. We utilize both conventional termiticide and bait treatments in our arsenal to combat these destructive pests. We also do pretreatments on new construction to start your property out with the most important protection it can receive. Don't delay, termites often do their destructive work without ever being seen. Call us for an inspection.

Moisture Remediation


Moisture Remediation involves reducing or eliminating excessive moisture in and around your home or business. Excessive moisture creates ideal conditions to attract many types of insects such as termites and wood-boring beetles. It can also result in fungi growth which damages the structural wood. Taking action before damage occurs can save you thousands of dollars. Call us for an inspection.

Russ Pest Control

image Russ Pest Control provides state-of-the-art service for pest, termite and moisture control in the Greenville/Goldsboro/Kinston/New Bern/Washington area of Eastern North Carolina. We have been providing pest control services since 1978. RussOffice

What Pest bugs you the most?



We keep our equipment clean and well maintained. Our service vehicles show our professionalism in a modest manner.

logo ace2Russ Pest Control personnel are highly qualified and receive on-going training to keep them knowledgable with the latest techniques and products theyLuckythebedbugdog may utilize to solve the tough pest issues we may encounter. Each pest type has specific habits and needs. Having that knowledge is imperative in controlling many types of pests. We even utilize the services of a trained nose to help in solving your pest issues with our own certified bed bug detection canine. Read more on the bed bug control page. 

noroachAt Russ Pest Control our aim is provide the best solution to pest issues. Our priority is to use an Integrated Pest Management approach which utilizes our knowledge of pests to safely stop the pest issue now and prevent future pest infestations. Using this approach minimizes the use of pesticides. It also results in longer term pest prevention. We know you will appreciate our effort to provide you with the safest and most effective means to solve any issues you may be experiencing.